Soft Sculpture

Soft sculpture is a new area for me. I recently worked my way thru 'The Vein Of Gold' by Julia Cameron, and one of the exercises was to create a creativity doll (right) and a creativity monster (below)

The creativity doll has a magic wand, a 2 ended pencil for writing and drawing, a pink maribou skirt and shiny boobies (cos she's a little bit naughty) she has a fluffy black throne and wings because, of course, she is a fairy. The tinsel spiral is the vein of gold, the inspiration she draws down when she is being creative - which is all the time!

Below is my creativity monster, the second part to the exercise. He crawls along like a slug, has red demon horns to represent my own demons. He keeps his eyes closed but his mouth is always open because he can't see the value of creativity but always has a nasty comment to make. He is also hand sized so I can squish him! 

My Voodoo Priestess (above). She has satin skin, her hair is made of green net, woven with feathers, flowers and beads, she has a black cat and a black and pink lacey petticoat with a spider motif.

But where is Wizard Wilf?? Photos coming soon xx

Below is my Good Luck House Cat. He is rainbow and fluro yellow and he's covered in pockets. Each pocket holds a few useful things - a spare key in case you lose yours, a coin in case you run out of money, a paper umbrella for rainy days (or boozy nites) and lots of creative bits and bobs too!

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