Portraiture has always been a favourite area of art for me, and a fun genre with which to play around. I welcome commission portraits, just email me if you would like to discuss ideas... faerieclare@hotmail.co.uk

'Sergio Leone' pencil on paper

'Iggy Pop' pencil crayon on paper

'Untitled self portrait'

acrylic on paper

I was working with ideas about mermaids, distortion of human features and beauty.


'Dinah Washington' pencil on paper 2006

I loved the striking contrasts of this photo and the soft curves of the face, which I contrasted with aggressive straight marks in the background

'Norah' pencil, paint, collage on paper 2010

 Mixed media alongside a more traditional pencil portrait.

'Mermaids' acrylic paint on canvas 2004

There is an unwritten story in my mind about a mermaid and her lover separated by a storm, able to sense each other's distance. This dyptich was a start to that story, which I hope to continue to work on in the future.

'Norah' pencil on paper

'Jess' pencil on paper

'eye' pencil on paper

'Sarah' pencil portrait 2006


This portrait was drawn using a photo from a fish-eye camera as inspiration. It was really fun to work with the distortion of shapes.


'Elliot' pencil on paper 2006


 This work too was drawn using a distorted photo as the source, the same image is repeated and the whole seems dreamlike. 



'Roger' biro on paper 2006


I love working with biro, it seems raw, hard and un-compromising sadly the colour deteriorates with exposure to sunlight.


'Chinese Dragon Baby' coloured pencil on paper 2008


This was a really fun exercise playing around with colour. Pencil crayons are a medium often to hand these days. 


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