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Aaaaa! This is absolutely my favourite! What could be better than your own personalised rainbow fairy (They make the rainbows you know!)


A teeny tree just the right size for a single name and only £10. Pop over here to buy xx

  What is this lovely rainbow object? A beautiful piece of artwork to hang on a child's door, complete with their name (or you can choose something else - that's up to you) Made with rainbows and love from the fairies xx

Find out more on my Etsy store


  This small but perfectly formed little tree makes a lovely anniversary or birthday gift for the woman in your life. Trust me! xx

Pop along to my shop to check it out


  This is a super-brilliant gift for a little girl. A gorgeous hanging to welcome all to her own little "Faerieland" It comes ready to hang to make it totes easy! You can also chose to have her name in there instead, or any other wording you think she'll love xx

It's for sale over on Etsy


  A beautiful, unique and handmade gift and a perfect wedding day memory. Handcut paper tree in black, mounted on warm, antique white. All Wedding trees have 2 lovebirds in the top, singing to each other. All trees have a heart cut in the trunk. You can customise this as you wish, names and date are perfect for a wedding memory xx

These are for sale over at my Etsy shop


This is my newest addition! For all you dragon lovers out there! You can choose the message you'd like or add a name to make it a door sign xx Step this way to view on my shop xx

Just magical! I love all things faerie! (You may have guessed...) You can choose your magical creature in or under this tree xx It's right over here


  This is a beautiful customized tree silhouette with your family names in. It makes an excellent gift for a family moving into a new home or with new babies. Each one is designed with your choice of names and pets, then hand cut from black card and mounted on white paperxx

To order one pop over to my Etsy shop


  A beautiful piece of handmade art makes a great gift for a friend moving in to a new home. Get each of the names of their family, plus their pets, to warm their new house and make it instantly feel like a new home. This is also a great gift for parents and grandparents who already have everything! Hand cut from black paper on a painted sunset background xx

You can order one or find out more at my Etsy shop


  Why not celebrate your anniversary with a unique piece of artwork? This is perfect for your 1st anniversary (cos that's the paper one) and also makes a beautiful gift for every other year you celebrate together. You choose the wording and if you'd like a colour or an animal or anything else to be included.

Check it out over on Etsy


  Each tiny tree is hand cut, it grows in it's own special way and is completely unique. Every tree has a heart cut in the trunk and is signed on the back. It's a standard (but tiny) photo frame size so it's easy for you to pick out the frame for it.

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