A selection of my drawings are on display in the Pewsey Gallery in Wiltshire. Please come along to the private view Friday 15th April 2016 5.30-7.30

 Above: Mad March Hares exhibition at Old Mill Gallery in Worton.

< "The Art Bear" A4 Art Exhibition, February 6th - 29th 2016 Pewsey Gallery

Cloth Roads Art Trail at Trowbridge Town Hall 3rd May - 11th May 2014

Sawtell Art Group, Lyons Rd, Sawtell, NSW

Love For Sale 

"Love For Sale" exhibition at the Basement Gallery, King Ludd book shop, Fore St, Exeter, 2004

This is a really wonderful and unique space with two rooms, beneath a bookshop. I used the first to create an installation which, for me, was about losing oneself in a relationship and in the other person. The other room housed recent life paintings of mine.

 The installation piece was lit with strings of blue fairy lights hung from the ceiling and scented with rose perfume. I used roses and black and white photographs of a man and woman to set the scene as being about love. They hung from invisible wire and spun slowly as people created draughts walking by. Of course each person interpreted it differently, but all comments were that it was a peaceful, intimate and positive space. Perhaps we all search for that relationship we can get lost in, someone who is our mirror

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