When the clocks changed this week my homesickness jumped up and poked me in the heart with a cold wintery finger. I miss the seasons changing. Another year with no snow, no twisting fractal frost patterns on the windows, no frozen fairy blankets on the hedgerows. It's torrential rain here in Sawtell, the kind that keeps you inside all day and makes your kids crazy!

I love the English summertime too: the smell and the little rain showers and you're so glad it's sunny cos the spring is so bloody drizzly. I love the spring too tho: the colours - there are so many different types of green that you don't even need any other colours; and you can almost hear things growing.

I love all the signals of the changing year: snowdrops of course, and Autumn leaves, the smell of Winter cold, mulled wine, Swallows arriving and leaving, bare fields, brave young people baring their skin just before it gets warm, spring tides and hot bare worn out dirt at the end of Summer.