How does Igglepiggle get to and from his boat? How can Upsy Daisy and the others get into the tiny Ninky Nonk? How does Mummy pig fit into a tent the size of her head when Peppa and George are inside already? If you're a parent you've probably found yourself wondering similar things. Why don't bees wear pants? Why does Spirit have an american accent? And Po and Tigress for that matter?

I watch my 2 year old thoroughly enjoying these films and TV shows and she never questions anything, and of course it's all down to suspension of disbelief. So why can't we, as adults, let go of all those unimportant rules and just enjoy the show? Maybe if we could we'd find our imaginations running away with us as they did in childhood dreams, instead of hearing the sensible voice that says "but you could never jump that high building, let alone fly from it's rooftops and dive into the sea, simultaneously turning into a mermaid."