My good friend Alma recently lent me "The Vein Of Gold" by Julia Cameron. I had finished Cameron's "The Artist's Way" the week before and was wondering how to continue my journey to my creative self, and VOG has this subtitle - "A Journey To Your Creative Heart" there's a nice little bit of serendipity, or coincidence, if you prefer. One of the exercises is to write out a spiritual experience you have had, so here is one of mine:

My neighbor and friend in the UK was studying crystal therapy and needed a guinea-pig. I was sceptical, to be honest. I love crystals - very pretty, lovely as jewellery, my mother had clear crystals in her windows that cast rainbows across her rooms. I felt very relaxed after the first few sessions (a rare enough thing for me at the time) and I felt a bit better in myself for the week after. Then one week I had a vision. I was walking a wide, straight, rutted dirt road thru a forest alongside many, many people I could not see. I sensed a faint golden heat from them as they passed me by and behind them the dark straight pines stretching high creating a long triangle of blue. As I walked so slowly I came to a tiny pathway to the left hidden between the trees from others who walked by so fast. Inside a girl and her father were in a house in a pond. The water was clear but they were afraid to leave the house even tho there was a boat. I spent some time there but the pathway led on where the water stopped. A clear light radiated from it, almost like the colour of light thru a white gummi bear. Eventually I stepped onto this path, knowing that only I could walk it, and that it was the only way I could go unless I returned to the endless straight path thru the pines with all the other people.

I think the meaning of the paths is very clear. Water has always been a strong theme in my dreams. I wonder if the house, girl and father represent leaving the past behind in some way, but I had no sense that the girl was me... xx