I've just started working through "The Artist's Way", by Julia Cameron, for the second time and I'm already feeling the effects. For those not familiar with TAW it is a 12 week process to connect with your creative side (and a book), and provides tools which can be used for ever after. I worked through the book alone years ago and felt much more in touch with myself, but slowly I stopped working with the tools. This time I have goals and aims and I'm working in a group. My life seems very much more 'grown-up' and serious now that I am a parent, I want stability, money and a career. I have not laughed much lately, not out loud until I thought my sides would split, and this week I've seen a need for a lighter side to my life, to do things I love and to just have fun. I have also had a commission for 2 paintings for a new baby boy and it feels that synchronicity is on my side!