Good morning!

(Well it is a good morning here in any case - the sun is shining, mist is rising out of the valley, orange light is meandering in through my front windows, reflected off the brick houses opposite, and clinky bin men are up and down the street a lot just now)

Welcome to my little world of blog. It is becoming a little world full of gratitude as I make my way down a path that I hope leads to greater happiness and fulfilment - tho I'm not sure in what way exactly that will manifest...

Some of you will have noticed my musings in the thankful direction on Twitter. At the end of last week I was trying very hard to be grateful for grumpy people. As I looked around my life I realised this is a 2-way push and pull for me, between grumpy people and my beautiful friends. I am very lucky for my friends and that floats in my conscious for much of the time (it's hard to ignore persistently lovely people)

So to grumpy people - many lessons to learn here! A wise man once said to me there are 2 lessons in each situation: 1) how to deal with that situation or person and 2) how to not cause that situation or be that person. Here are my grumpy people lessons:
1) I am glad I am not a grumpy person
2) I will now be more mindful of moments of grumpiness in myself
3) I will chillax when I recognise those moments. or
4) I will make a change to my self or my life to dissipate the grumpy feeling
5) There is always a reason a person is grumpy
6) I will not take this to heart too much as I may not be the cause
7) I will step away from said grumpy person or
8) I will listen to them as they may just need a good listening to
9) I will not try to fix them/their problem - it is kinder to give them the chance to learn their own lesson, whatever that may be

And now to beautiful friends. (I include my family as friends. I would choose them if they were not already forced upon me) Those grumpy people made me more aware of the loveliness of people I seek for company (thanx grumpy people) The lessons from those people come from my wish to own a few more of their lovely traits such as:
1) My friends are good listeners
2) They tell good stories
3) They give thoughtful gifts
4) They laugh easily
5) They stand and look at things
6) They make time for me
7) They hug
8) They make the best of a situation
9) They are gentle with children
10) They understand when I am absent
11) They compliment
12) They are positive
13) Enjoy things fully
14) They indulge their own childish desires
15) They remember
There are a gajillion more reasons of course.

Today I am thankful for the beautiful people in my life xx