The Bijoux Girl and I made our own thankfulness jars (see this blog post for more)

We made labels of things we would collect - like the beauty of nature, toys, lol moments.

Mine is getting full already. The more I am thankful, and the more I record that, the more I find to be thankful for. Little things and big things. Passing moments and daily blessings and posessions.

Try it yourself - you'll need a jar, paper/card and a pen for your label, and some things to decorate. On your label write your intention, tie it on with pretty ribbon. decorate and start your collection of beautiful thoughts. You can record what you have now, or memories, or write something for each day this coming year. At the end of the year you'll have a jar brimming with happy thoughts! xx

I'll be posting some of my thoughts as time goes on. If you'd like to share some of yours I'd love to hear from you. You can post here or email at

Have a magical day xxx