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Let it grow

Posted by Clare Brookes on Thursday, January 31, 2013,
Hello my perfect possums!

I hope you are having a wondefulicious week!

How is the new year going for ya? Did you count your blessings?

I'm feeling super-blessed today (and a bit tired ahh well) I've been drawing and drawing, being inspired always makes me happy - I'll show you some of the new things soon...

So today all I want to think about is taking all those lovely and wonderful things in our lives and growing them. I'm sure I'll make a plan, but first the intention:

  • I will make time to build o...

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Be Here Now

Posted by Clare Brookes on Tuesday, January 22, 2013,
Morning my precious ones!

It's super snowy outside, I've done the school run, our street is very icy! How is it where you are?

Today I want to think about, well, today.

We all spend so much time thinking of what we could do, will do, would do, want to do, did, missed out on doing, didn't quite finish, blah blah... There are many of those thoughts, but only one 'now'

Where are you now? Where am I now? Well right now I'm looking for inspiration...

(Inspiration - Sometimes It Comes Hard, ink on pape...
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Look back and count your blessings

Posted by Clare Brookes on Wednesday, January 9, 2013,
Hello my darlings. I hope the week is being kind to you. Here it is, "Hump Day" or Wednesday as it is better known. Who's looking forward to the weekend?

When I look back at the manic year streaming out behind me I can't believe how much I did. I learnt to drive and passed my tests, put on a huge street part with 2 friends, kids craft days all thru the Summer, a carol singing evening with mulled wine and a solstice party just before Christmas. The bijoux girl started school and I started a new...
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