You will need: glue, gluespreader/gluestick, choice of papers, things to stick eg. cut out pictures, ready made shapes, sequins, stickers, leaves, pressed flowers, optional plastic mat, optional old clothes

Before you start remember this can get really messy if they get right into it, even with glue sticks but especially if you use PVA or flour and water paste, so put down a mat on the surface, or old newspapers, and I really recommend old clothes, or at least an apron.

Lay everything out and just watch them create. Remember, if you feel like encouraging them to make a picture of a house or a dinosaur – make your own instead! This is really important! There will be so many opportunities in your child's life where they have to illustrate someone else's well meaning idea. Let them play and if they want to stick every picture on top of the one before and make a slushy, gooey tower – that's ok “what a tall tower of pictures you've made!” they may even get into it more if you or an older sibling make something you feel inspired to make!