Sensory Play – Bubbles

Blowing bubbles you will need: bubble mix, blower, bubble gun, automatic bubble blower

Little tiny bubs will be hapy watching the bubbles, older ones might want to chase the bubbles and try to catch them. They can master blowing their own bubbles quite young, (and they love to be grown up just like Mummy and Daddy!) but of course they'll spill some in their excitement so I recommend putting a bit of bubble mix in a plastic container so they only spill a tiny bit if they drop it!

Bowl of Bubbles you will need: eco friendly soap, water, different types of container eg. plastic washing up bowl, plastic cups, plastic bottles, optional food colour, optional waterproof toys

Let them go wild chasing bubbles, blowing bubbles, pouring soapy water. This is a great activity for Summer and if they are outside an eco friendly washing up liquid will be kind to your lawn! If they are into playing mummies and babies let them give a plastic doll a wash, or an animal if they love zoos or farms.