Scissors and Cutting

You will need: age appropriate scissors, assortment of papers, magazines, cards, newspapers, optional glue

I've been told by teachers and teacher's aides that a surprising number of kids can't use scissors when they get to school. Really?!

There are heaps of scissors for little ones on the market. You can buy plastic ones with plastic blades – I started my sweetpea with these and they cut paper really well. She used to make one cut then start the next one right by it and make frills all round the edge of her paper. You can get ones with a protected metal blade, also very safe for beginners.

Obviously keep a close eye when the apple of your eye first tries cutting, remind them to keep scissors away from faces, fingers away from blades, and try to be positive in your approach. Avoiding words like “don't” and “no” will make their craft experience more enjoyable.

Let them make cuts how they chose to, they may not understand cutting round a cute picture of a doggy to begin with, so try bright paper or metallic card and let them get used to how scissors work. As they get older they can experiment with cutting out pictures (you always wondered what to do with all those catalogues and fliers that drop through your door, right?) and there are fun scissors for older ones too, animal shapes and ones that cut in wiggly lines – you can judge when they are accomplished enough, all kids learn at their own rate and age recommendations are there to guide you.

It may be a good idea to keep some glue close by if they want to stick all the cut out bits together later on. Have fun! xx