I have recently been playing around with those silly games of childhood and boring math classes - heads and bodies, one line stories, one word stories and consequeunces. (There's a great article on Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse) It's great fun. It produces some surreal pictures and stories. It is not serious so if you want to get your creative groove on but are afraid to start (as so many of us are) it'll get your juices flowing. Try playing when you are not entirely straight - you may very well laugh your pants off!

If you want to have a go: get a bunch of friends, a bunch of pens, a bunch of paper. For a one line story or one word story - write a line or word and pass it on. To play Heads and Bodies/ The Exquisite Corpse have a strip of paper each, draw a portion and pass it on. When I play with my daughter (age 3) I divide portions as follows: Head, Body, Legs, but you can divide into as many portions as you can think of: Hat, Head, Neck, Chest, Stomach, Legs, Feet

Have fun! xx