You will need: Playdough (you can buy pre-made playdough - check the ingredients, they are usually made from flour, or you can make your own - there are lots of recipes online, like this one: this is for a non-edible mixture, the recipe is at the bottom of the page) different easy-clean utensils eg. shape cutters, rolling pin, plastic bowls and forks, chopsticks, anything that might make an impression eg. toy dinosaur footprints. If you have a child under 3 make sure there are no small toys or small parts they could choke on!! Optional throw mat for the floor, optional old clothes

If you put your little angels in old clothes or a pinny and put down a plastic mat, clean up will be much easier, and if it's a nice day why not set them up in the garden? In my experience kids don't mind what colour the playdough is, but you might want to choose your child's favourite colour and a similar colour eg. green and blue, so that when they mix they don't make a muddy grey yukky colour. If your child is really little you may want to gently keep hands away from their mouth to stop them chewing toys and eating playdough, or make fresh bread dough then it doesn't matter if they eat it! Remember if you feel like helping them, just make your own. Other than that just let them do what they like, encourage and praise. You can even bake flour-based playdough in a cool oven if they want to keep their creations. Happy creating! xx