My First Drawing

This activity is for little tiny bubs, as soon as they can grasp a pen and sit up straight they can try this!

You will need: choice of drawing implements eg felt tip pens, crayons, pencils, plain paper, high chair, optional old clothes

To introduce my little one to drawing with crayons, felt pens and pencils I sat her up in her high chair with something to draw on. She could not roam and draw on the walls. The table of the high chair was easy to wipe clean and the rim stopped pens rolling away. I let her play in just her nappy – God made skin washable! If you are worried about the floor a square of plastic mat from any fabric store is pretty cheap (we had jelly beans on ours) My bambina liked different colours of paper and especially liked felt pens – maybe cos it's easy to get a strong colour without having to press hard. If it's too cold for them to go nudey pop old clothes on them and you won't worry about where the pen goes. Gently guide the pen/crayons away from their mouths and toward the paper when they feel like chewing, they'll soon get the idea! You can even get edible crayons - check this out!