I don't know where my art would be without music. Sometimes I want to be musical, (sometimes I want to be a witch or a cat, an actor or a hermit or just nothing in the middle of Mongolia) I always feel inspired when I hear music I love, even if I've heard it a thousand times before. It keeps my hope alive, sometimes it's even kept me alive. I think if someone can put so much passion into a pop song I can do that in a painting. One of my favourite pieces of work (no photo, sorry, I'll try to get one one day) I did when I was at college, on my foundation course. I was working at home over the weekend and listening to Tina Turner (who I admire greatly for her strength) I made this huge painting, it kept growing as I added sheets of paper and images and any materials that came to hand. I used housepaint and red gloss paint, good acrylics, glue, magazine images, charcoal, and through the process music kept me tapped in to a feeling that inspired me. It's strange but now I can't explain what it was about, people seemed to really get it tho when I shared it with the other students and teachers. There are things in this world we can't put words around, like an image that cuts through, as Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals do everytime I see them; like a melody that dissolves all sounds and surroundings until all that's left is my ear and his voice.