Hello my darlings. I hope the week is being kind to you. Here it is, "Hump Day" or Wednesday as it is better known. Who's looking forward to the weekend?

When I look back at the manic year streaming out behind me I can't believe how much I did. I learnt to drive and passed my tests, put on a huge street part with 2 friends, kids craft days all thru the Summer, a carol singing evening with mulled wine and a solstice party just before Christmas. The bijoux girl started school and I started a new job. I also went officially self-employed, started my Folsky shop (http://folksy.com/shops/faerieclareart) and did a gazillion craft markets in the run up to Christmas. Some sad things happened, my Nan died, and some great things happened.

Yeah I'm proud of what I did, I think it's good to note your achievements. Grab yourself a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you did last year, large or small - I think you'll surprise yourself...

Did you? Surprise yourself I mean?

(^this is me looking back...) It's good to have achieved things, but even better to have enjoyed them. What else went on in the year? Well for me, with all those things I was trying to achieve, trying to tick off some list, I spent less and less time on the quiet, slow and soulful things. Less time with family and friends, lots of fleeting visits. That's not who I am or who I want to be so next week we're gonna look at the year ahead, I hope the fairies have some good ideas for me! For today, count your blessings.

Have a beautiful day my angels xxx