We cause ourselves some degree of heartache when we dwell in the past, thinking of what we had had and what we have lost.

It is important to honour the lessons we have learned. It is good to take time to reflect. A joyful memory is a gift that keeps on giving.

It is also important to be here, to be in this time. Indeed one cannot be in any other time. Wishing for the return of past times can only waste the time we are given in this moment. Look around at what you have now and take time to be thankful for the people, things, feelings in your life and surrounding you at this time.

"What if..." thoughts can push you back into the past too - "What if...that love affair had worked out?" Well for me I would not have my beautiful little daughter so I can't dwell on that. I am thankful every day for having her in my life. "What if...I had stayed in one job and worked my way up to a well-paid position?" I would not have travelled, I would not have come home or be living here now. I am learning to be thankful for the lessons I have learned and for the memories I have created without wishing to re-create past emotions and situations.

I love this quote, I heard it and recognised the wisdom when it was spoken by Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda.
"The past is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."
Here is a link to watch it on youtube

For today I will mostly be trying to be thankful my past wanderings that have brought me to this place, and making little cakes for my birthday :) xx