Hello my perfect possums!

I hope you are having a wondefulicious week!

How is the new year going for ya? Did you count your blessings?

I'm feeling super-blessed today (and a bit tired ahh well) I've been drawing and drawing, being inspired always makes me happy - I'll show you some of the new things soon...

So today all I want to think about is taking all those lovely and wonderful things in our lives and growing them. I'm sure I'll make a plan, but first the intention:

  • I will make time to build on the friendships and relationships I am so lucky to have.

  • I will be thankful for my gifts and count all my blessings.

  • I will treat my house and garden to a mini-makeover when it comes time to spring clean, and create an extra-cosy homely-home.

  • I will focus my creative energy on the work I love and working for those I love.

So my angels, I want to know what you are all building on this year. Or are you looking for a new foundation? Pop over to my facebook page (Faerieclare Art) or leave a message here. I love to hear from you.

And if you do anything creative, as work or a hobby, sing out and I'll show your creations off, just email/message me (or ring, whatever, any form of communication is fine, except I'm not psychic sadly or your work would be here already!)

Have a beautiful day. Hope you see a rainbow! Is there an international rainbows day?

xx Faerie xx