I've been working thru The Artist's Way for the last 12 weeks, tomoro is the last day, and the first day the Sawtell Art Group opens as a Sunday gallery, and the day before Nanowrimo begins!

I've had an amazing journey with TAW and got a lot out of it, not least a really good new friend. I feel more confident in my desire to be an artist. I'm not sure which direction to follow with my art but maybe it'll take care of itself.

I'm rereading some bits of the book and working out how to continue from here. I've made myself some rules like: Go running; write morning pages;keep working; stretch; dance; meditiate. I've also made a collection of inspiring quotes to keep me on the path "Be who you really are" Margaret Young

Monday sees the beginning of the madness that is Nanowrimo. I can't see thru to the other side at the mo, or even as far as my plot. Aaaaa! I can't wait!! xx