Imaginative Play - Dress-ups

You will need: costumes, old clothes and jewellery, fabric, card, almost anything can be adapted

Make sure your kidlets know what they can and can't try on, and build a collection of dress-ups together. If you're clearing out old clothes this could be a great time to start - scarves and large fabric scraps are awesome. If your little one is creative make a loop of card the size of your child's head and they can decorate it as a crown or indian head-dress. You can buy lots of special costumes too...

Some things that I think have really inspired my little button's imagination are a large piece of rainbow organza - which serves as the rainbow, a bed, hair, a jellyfish costume and a ghost costume, among others. Also my old sarongs, jewellery and winter scarves. Have you got a box/draw/shelf to store all this in? We painted a cardboard box and it served us well. Don't forget to get dressed up too!! xx