Happy New Year my lovelies & I hope it truly is a happy one for you!

Time to make our New Year's Resolutions. Have you made yours? I usually make tons, knowing that so many of them will fall by the wayside. Many are business-based, this year, to help me grow my little art business. I have some important ones that come up each year, and here they come again:
  • This year I will try to listen more
  • This year I will be less self-centered
  • This year I will hug people more

I remember when I was younger I made the resolution not to bite my nails and I tried so hard. I certainly got better but when I was nervous (like exam days) my nails would always disappear again, so I think that resolution came back another year, and another. Sticking with it really helped me tho - I had fabulously long nails by the time I was in 6th form and I used to paint them dark electric blue. Have you ever done that? Have you repeatedly vowed not to do something and did it work out in the end?

I love to hear from you - What resolutions have you made this year? Do ya think you'll stick to them??