To me colour is one of the most expressive aspects of a painting, I often choose to work with a limited colour palette. Until recently I would just work away with the colours I had chosen and get frustrated with the mixing process. A friend of mine reminded me, last year, of the process in the fashion industry of making a 'mood board' and pre-selecting colours. Now I develop my colours alongside my design ideas. One way I pick colours is to mix aimlessly, playing around until something clicks in my head. I also arrange my daughter's toys and pens into colour schemes - which is ideal at the moment because I'm working on a range of items for kids ( I find butterflies have great sets of colour, and I collect snippets from all kinds of magazines. Nature is a constant inspiration - the colours of the beach on a hazy day, the Eastern sky as the sun sets, rainbows, mould. I love the colour old books go as the pages deteriorate, the millions of colours in peoples' skins, and in the colours that mix as watery paints run together paint is beautiful just as itself.