You will need: paper, scissors, washable non-toxic paint, optional large plastic mat – this can get messy! paintbrush/other implement, paintpots

Remember making butterflies at playgroup?! I loved it, so quick and the picture appears like magic.

Let your child pick a colour of paper or white and encourage them to help you fold it in half, widthways, then open back up again (this makes it heaps easier to fold later on). Let them put paint on one half if they will (or both sides, it does not really matter) they can dribble it from the paint bottle or blob it on with a stick, spoon or paintbrush, then fold back along the crease and open again – a butterfly! Too easy!

You may want to cut it out later or let your little one cut it – there are lots of child-safe scissors on the market that make it safe to start them cutting out at a younger age. I often cut out the butterfly shapes first in lots of colours. You can sprinkle glitter or use glitter paint for a variation.

If you like doing all these painty craft activities why not set up a special area with a paint-proof, wipe-clean floor or mat, table and chairs, cupboard full of craft materials and a drying space which could be a clothes airer with pegs. xx

With thanx for the beautiful image: http://www.photogalaxy.com/photo/stevewalton/10/