Bread Making

You will need: Bowl, spoons, aprons, scales, measuring jug, pastry brush, round-blade knife, oven, oven mitts, baking tray, optional shape cutters, optional rolling pin, optional kids' place mat

Recipe Australian Damper

mix 250g self-raising flour & ½ tsp salt

rub in 25g unsalted butter with your fingertips til it looks like breadcrumbs

stir in 175ml milk with round bladed knife

brush with milk, 190 degrees until golden-coloured


There are so many ways to be creative – I often talk to adults who think they are not at all creative, then I find out they cook a different meal every night and their bookcase is full of recipes! Cooking is a great way to express your creativity, it's fun, reduces stress (if you let it)and it's a great bonding opportunity too.


A good way to start is to put aprons on yourself and child, it helps to focus their attention and makes it a bit special (we were given matching pink aprons – now much loved!) Get out all the things you'll need then make up the bread, letting your child do as much as they can according to their age. You may have your own favourite recipe but the above is a really simple, easy one for all age groups and won't spoil for having too much or too little of one ingredient so don't get stressed – remember the whole point is to have fun together. I clean the kitchen floor and set all the ingredients down there for my little one so I don't have to worry about her balancing on a chair, also if kids are at a workbench bits invariably drop on the floor so you have the floor and a bench to clean, that's just more work for you! We love to get out the cookie cutters, I use a plastic place mat to roll and shape on – they are so easy to clean. Let them make any shape they like, they may want to use their hands or a rolling pin and shape cutters, it's their choice – remember this is about creativity and having fun, not making great bread!