Morning my precious ones!

It's super snowy outside, I've done the school run, our street is very icy! How is it where you are?

Today I want to think about, well, today.

We all spend so much time thinking of what we could do, will do, would do, want to do, did, missed out on doing, didn't quite finish, blah blah... There are many of those thoughts, but only one 'now'

Where are you now? Where am I now? Well right now I'm looking for inspiration...

(Inspiration - Sometimes It Comes Hard, ink on paper)

Actually right now in my life I'm a happy girl, I count my blessings. I have a job, a home, a beautiful daughter, loving family, hot baths, scented candles, fluffy warm clothes, a few chocs left over from Christmas, a wonderful neighbourhood community. I could go on for hours about how blessed I feel, and how loved. I'd like to spread that feeling - sit and count your blessings for a while today, maybe when you're stuck in traffic, or take yourself away for some peace with a piece of paper and a pen and a pint of mulled cider (It's perfect for cold evenings!) Write every little blessing, from your new warm socks to your one true love, every great and small wonderful thing in your life right now. I hope it takes you ages!

So now you have a wonderful list of all the great things in your life right now, go into it. Just be in that lovely life right now, and enjoy it.

I know, it's hard to do, right? Well it's hard for me too, but that's where mindfulness comes in. It's the practice of being here now, of bringing your mind back to now. Enjoy the cup of coffee you are having, concentrate on each task in your life and make the best of it that you can, when you are with that special someone (be it your child or the new man in your life) really be there with them. Switch of all that noise in your head that says "got to do the washing up later on, and pay that bill, and iron, and what did the boss think of my work" it's just noise. Think of each of those things when you deal with each of those things. Be in the moment. Be here now and next time your grumpy or fed up or someone is being a blue meanie count 5 blessings out to yourself.

Bless you all and have a beautiful day xx