One of the exercises in Julia Cameron's The Vein Of Gold is to make an autobiographical timeline. While writing mine I thought I had had a bit of an unhappy or boring childhood but this was because I had only listed events and it is, and always was, the small things in life that make me happy (I called my bump 'small' before my daughter was born). I love the shimmering, ephemeral bubbles produced by heavy rainfall and kicking my feet up in the waves, so I wrote for myself a list of all the things I love to do and loved to do as a child. One thing that came up over and over in different ways was drawing.  I was drawing, copying, doodling and illustrating all the way through school. I loved sketching, I love the way the eye adjusts and the brain sorts importance so one can sketch just exactly the things that matter, in almost any light, leave out the bits one does not like or notice, a camera has no preference for a child's toes in the dark under the breakfast table. for Julia Cameron