I've just read the most amazing book "Rapunzel's Supermarket" by Ursula Kolbe.

It is full of ideas for craft for kids and how to interact with them in a way that encourages their creativity. It really spoke to the artist in me and I felt that much of Kolbe's advice would be best followed by all of us all the time, whether we are working with adults or children.

Creativity is something all sectors of society need and something that many of us experience as being squashed out of us in our early years, if we even consider ourselves as having been creative once. One of the recurrent themes in the book is for investigation - how paper crumples, how shadows fall, observational drawing, collecting natural items. To take time to look at things around us anew can open the eyes and heart and mind. She also notes how children come together for group projects, how they work for extended periods of time and concentration improves when they are interested in their subject, and isn't this ture for all of us? She has observed free experimentation and invention in an environment where children are not told to uniformly "do this, then this"

It's a book I'd strongly recommend to anyone who wants to have a more creative life. Wouldn't it be good to be interested in the world again? To feel free to try things out and invent our own solutions, stop living by a formula and own our own lives a bit more?