Sitting with my Granny, watching England v Wales rugby, drinking brandy watered down with sherry, she told me "Martin Johnson should be sent off for being ugly."

My Granny died a couple of days ago, age 98, she just, sort of, faded away, with me on the other side of the world. Another piece of advice she gave me was "Men are beasts, you should let them have their way once a month." She also went through a phase when she was taking a little bit too much of her medication and she told me the sun went round her house 3 times a day, there were loud noises coming from the bird seed bag, and the hands she kept seeing were just the people from the other dimension.

She told me a lot of useful things too, about art. She taught me how to paint watercolour skies and clouds; let me use her materials; told me it's important to learn when to stop working on a painting; talked to me about abstract, negative spaces, light sources and shadows. Her studio smelled of linseed, dust, dried flowers. She told me I had to have a real job, that I would not make a living being an artist, so I feel a little freer for her passing but also glad that I learned so much from a woman who loved so much to teach others.