Illustration Friday - Animal

November 18, 2015

Tree patterns

November 8, 2015
Y'know sometimes, when I'm looking at trees, it makes me think slightly deep thoughts, like:

Sometimes it seems like a paradox how different and, at the same time, exactly similar, many things are. How we see a pattern, yet the individual elements in that pattern each seem unique. So is it a true pattern? I know humans look for patterns, why do we have that facility? Maybe that's not so deep for you.

We recognise a birch leaf. Look closer. See this one is longer, this slightly bigger than that....
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Illustration Friday - Bouquet

November 2, 2015
I revisited an old drawing this week. It had never seemed finished...

It was all graphite pencil. My world lacked colour...

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Illustration Friday - Adventure

October 25, 2015

This is "The Spirit of Adventure" to me, "Adventure" for Illustration Friday
pencil on paper 18cm x 30cm

The Bijoux Girl also wanted to illustrate this topic. Hers is an adventure in space.

Have a beautiful week xx

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Illustration Friday - Stuffed

October 19, 2015

At first as I was choosing this image I thought of the elephant, Myrtle, being stuffed into the back of the truck to travel to the next town. As I worked it occurred to me there may be other connotations. Do the elephants working in a circus work all their lives? Do they get to play? How much rest do they get? Do they live out their days in this unnatural way? What happens when they are too old to work? Or when they die....

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Illustration Friday - Star

October 19, 2015

Ooo I love circuses. This was a quick sketch (less than an hour) from an old National Geographic about old-time travelling circuses. I believe large animals are no longer allowed to travel about the country with a circus in this way. xx

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The Time Girl

September 16, 2015

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Illustration Friday - Villain

September 15, 2015

This week's topic word is "Villain"

It's not a word I'm comfortable with. All very well in stories, but how does it translate to our world?
Check out Illustration Friday over here

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Illustration Friday - Old

September 10, 2015

This first drawing is really about the wrinkles, whilst clearly not being an old face. I'm really pleased with how the textures work xx

This drawing is also old in a different way. This is a 500 year old mummy of an Incan boy. He was buried in a pile of stones on top of a mountain, probably as a sacrifice to the sun. The toys around him are not actually toys but llamas and figures of a godess as further tribute.

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Illustration Friday - Work

September 1, 2015

"Work" by Clare Brookes

For this week's subject I simply picked a photo I had taken of a guy at work. I had taken the photo in the forst place because I loved the pose and the costume. The job this chap was doing, tho, was rather brilliant. He was part of a tightwire act, mostly clowning with the audience and setting up for the aerialists. At this moment he was checking the tension on the high wire. As the day had been wet, then warm, then dry and cold, he had to adjust throughout the show.

I h...
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