An Exhibition in Pewsey, Wiltshire
A selection of my drawings will be on display throughout April at the Pewsey Gallery. Check out the gallery here
You can order a pet portrait, just get in touch at

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Faerieclare Art

A Drawing a Day
Each day
of January and February I made a drawing, it's been a drawing kinda year so far. I'll be continuing throughout March. To see everything so far pop over here to my blog xx

andmade with love and a little bit of faerie magic, Faerieclare Art is the mixed media work of artist Clare Brookes. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and work and find inspiration here.

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Hello, welcome to Faerieland!

I live in England's Westcountry with my peapod daughter and two mad rabbits. I studied fine art at Plymouth University, 2000-2003. Faerie Clare Art donates £10 per month to the Woodland Trust (And I'm still hoping to meet the Lorax)

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